Principles and Objectives

The changes, new formations and developments in production techniques in the world have shown that MERELY PERFORMING PRODUCTION will not be sufficient to remain on the global market, but the products produced have to be COMPETITIVE and HIGH-QUALITY and have REASONABLE PRICES as well as SERVICE FACILITIES.
In order to meet the above-mentioned conditions, the companies should invest in:
- New technologies by following the technological developments,
- New-production device and machinery, and
- Educated human resources and follow the developments and breakthroughs in rival companies and the world very well.
Being aware of all these facts, MEKSİS A.Ş. has been following the technologies regarding its products very closely since its establishment and has been a pioneer in manufacture and introduction of new products in its sector. Furthermore, the production machinery it uses in production is the most advanced one in the world. It also diligently carries out post-sale services pertinent to its products through its exclusive service teams which it has formed within its body.
Relevant products in the world are followed very closely with the R&D (Research and Development) department established and future-oriented product projects are executed

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